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Many Happy Returns and Fast Women - Collection / Anthology

Many Happy Returns and Fast Women

Willie Reale

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822207290

MANY HAPPY RETURNS. The scene is a hallway in a swank Sutton Place apa…

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Collection / Anthology

MANY HAPPY RETURNS. The scene is a hallway in a swank Sutton Place apartment building. Beth, a thirteen-year-old striving to look much older and more worldly than her tender years would suggest, waylays Barney, a young man in his early twenties who makes a living putting on a clown act at children's parties. Some years earlier Barney had entertained at Beth's birthday party and, sensing her loneliness and parental neglect, had kissed her twice—stirring emotions which Beth can no longer repress. Now Barney, mindful of her feelings but also aware of the gap of years between them (and his own arrested adolescence), must deal with the problem which he has inadvertently created—and this he does with compassion, humor and a warm sense of humanity which are a tribute to the playwright's sharp perception of the delicate sensibilities of the youthfully vulnerable. (1 man, 1 girl.) FAST WOMEN. George, winded from a time trial for the track team, is also disgusted that he was soundly beaten by a girl contestant. He gets little sympathy from handsome fellow runner Steve, who considers himself nature's gift to women and who disparages the girl in question (Marianne) because she turned him down for a date. When Marianne herself arrives it is evident George, loser or not, is smitten with her, and he can't fathom why she rejected Steve. Her reasons for this, and her unexpected encouragement of George, bring the play to its surprise but delightfully upbeat ending. (2 men, 1 woman.)

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