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Mass Appeal - Full Length Play

Mass Appeal

Bill C. Davis

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822207382

Father Tim Farley, a lover of the good things in life, is comfortably …

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Father Tim Farley, a lover of the good things in life, is comfortably ensconced as priest of a prosperous Catholic congregation. Without realizing it, he has resorted to flattering his parishioners and entertaining them with sermons that skirt any disturbing issues, in order to protect his Mercedes, his trips abroad and the generous supply of fine wines that grace his table (and his desk drawer). His well-ordered world is disrupted by the arrival of Mark Dolson, an intense and idealistic young seminarian whom Father Farley reluctantly agrees to take under his wing. There is immediate conflict between the two as the younger man challenges the older priest's sybaritic ways, while Father Farley is appalled by Mark's confession that he had led a life of bisexual promiscuity before entering the priesthood. In the final essence their confrontation is a touching yet very funny examination of the nature of friendship, courage and the infinite variety of love, as the older man is reminded of the firebrand he once was, and the younger comes to realize that forbearance is as vital to the Christian ethic as righteousness.
This brilliantly funny yet compassionate play had a long and critically hailed Broadway run. The play explores the conflict between an established older priest and the impassioned young seminarian who challenges the validity of his well-routined regimen. "There are few more invigorating theatrical experiences than hearing the voice of a gifted writer for the first time." —NY Times. "…Davis has a funniness that is more benign, more interwoven with elemental human weakness and strengths, more forthright than wit. Humor, in short." —NY Magazine. "…one of those very rare plays which not only entertains but also educates." —The Hollywood Reporter.



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