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Me and Thee - Full Length Play

Me and Thee

Charles Horine

Full Length Play

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822207429

As Donald Klepfer of the Wilmington (Del.) Morning News describes: "Th…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Interior Set

As Donald Klepfer of the Wilmington (Del.) Morning News describes: "The plot concerns Paul Carter, an architect doomed by an unkind fate to design only bathrooms; his wife, Alice, who starts out disgustingly normal; and their son, Roger, a 'hep' college student. Roger gets into a fracas and his mother sends him to a psychiatrist, who is also a friend of the family. Things start from there. Friend psychiatrist finds Roger OK, with the parents at fault because of their excessive normality. So hubby, who has a trick knee, which is an integral part of the plot, decides to 'live it up' while the wife is away. His knee goes awry in Schrafft's bar and he is helped by Lela, a Greenwich Village beatnik who is a wild, uninhibited girl when sober, but a high-minded-lady when in her cups. Lela gets him safely home and at an embarrassing moment the wife returns and, of course thinks the worst. So she orders hubby out of the house and proceeds to some high living of her own. The usual complications ensue, but everyone winds up in his or her proper place at the final curtain. The dialogue sparkles with witty repartee and no one in the cast has been neglected when it comes to funny lines and involvement in ludicrous situations."
A Broadway production starring Barbara Britton and Durward Kirby. Fast-moving and filled with hilariously unexpected twists. "…a play that is filled with optimistic assurances about American family life." —NY Post. "…amusing lines and clever, playable scenes…" —NY World-Telegram & Sun. "…a wholesome comedy with sophisticated overtones." —NY Times.


3m, 3f

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