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Men's Singles - Full Length Play

Men's Singles

D.B. Gilles

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822207498

Every Tuesday night, Rob, an advertising executive in his late twentie…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Every Tuesday night, Rob, an advertising executive in his late twenties, gets together with either Larry, a salesman in his mid-thirties, or Kurt, a psychiatrist in his early thirties, for a tennis match. Rob yearns for marriage but is in love with a woman who has been offered a job in Los Angeles and wants him to pull up stakes. Larry, a self-confessed male chauvinist, has tired of his marriage to a high school sweetheart and believes there's nothing a "bachelor pad" wouldn't solve. Kurt is gay and, after two live-in lovers and countless one-night stands, is attempting his first relationship with a woman, in hopes of finding stability at last. By the end of the play, Rob has decided to put his career ahead of marriage; Larry has had second thoughts about a breakup with his wife; and Kurt, reconciled to his fate, is hoping for a date with the guy who has the court after them. Having helped one another through the pitfalls of women, jobs and just staying alive, the three have come to recognize the true nature of friendship and the audience has come to know, and care about, three unique human beings who, at last, might just be on the verge of discovering the sense of direction and maturity that has previously eluded them.
A revealing and very funny look at the modern American male of the would-be macho species. "Ladies and gentlemen, walk right up and meet a HIT…a stirring explosion of humor with laughs a mile a minute. A probing, insightful look at three men…Gilles' play is bound to be discussed and seen over and over." —Drama-Logue. "…an excellent script…Gilles ably and entertainingly tells the progress of each of these men's lives." —Daily Variety.



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