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Missing/Kissing - Collection / Anthology


John Patrick Shanley

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822215905

MISSING MARISA. Terry and Eli are friends with a woman in common: Mari…

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: DPS Collection

Collection / Anthology


Interior Set

MISSING MARISA. Terry and Eli are friends with a woman in common: Marisa. Marisa was Eli's wife. Then she ran off with Terry. Now she has abandoned Terry as well. Terry comes to Eli's apartment looking for Marisa. Did she return to Eli? Eli is not forthcoming. The two men circle each other, combative and vulnerable. Eli wants friendship. Terry just wants Marisa back. Neither man can get what he wants. The phone rings. Is it Marisa? Eli won't pick it up. Terry grabs the receiver and says hello. But the caller hangs up. Eli is baking a chicken. Terry wants to know who's coming to dinner. Eli will not say. Finally, Terry, excluded from Eli and Marisa's life, begs for at least a taste of chicken. Eli gives Terry one tiny taste. This is Terry's portion in life. He is the eternal wanderer, the outcast. He thanks Eli for the little he is allowed and prepares to move on. (2 men.) KISSING CHRISTINE. Larry and Christine meet at a Thai restaurant for dinner. It's a first date, and they know nothing about each other. In the course of conversation, it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary couple. Christine is a reconfigured person. A couple of years before she fell through an open trapdoor in a store and landed on her head. As a result of this accident, her face had to be reconstructed. So she looks different. Pretty, but a different pretty. Even more significantly, she received a severe concussion which, among other things, changed her personality. She has become a much nicer person. But she has fallen out of life a little bit. Larry listens to this in astonishment. But he has revelations of his own. He is married and has two children. His wife and he are having terrible problems. Out of loneliness and frustration he has gone on a date. Two people who, through different kinds of trauma, have disconnected from the flow of life. In this play, they help each other by deeply talking to each other. And finally, they reconnect with something vital through a kiss. (1 man, 2 women.)
"…Shanley has an unusual talent for situations…and a sure gift for a kind of inner dialogue in which people talk their hearts as well as their minds…" —NY Post.
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