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Mojo and String - Collection / Anthology

Mojo and String

Alice Childress

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822207689

MOJO. Paying a surprise visit to her former husband, Irene, aware that…

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Collection / Anthology

MOJO. Paying a surprise visit to her former husband, Irene, aware that she is ill with cancer, reveals that she must shortly go back into the hospital but wanted to see Teddy just once more first. From their random conversation it is evident that a warm bond still exists between the two. They talk of the hard times they once had to endure, of how Irene set up Teddy in the numbers business, of the white girl he has become involved with and, finally, Irene confesses that she bore Teddy's child, a daughter, after their divorce—and gave the child up to another couple so that it might have a better chance in life. Sometimes brightly humorous, sometimes achingly sad, yet always unstintingly honest, the play illuminates the true character of two very real and vital people, and underscores their need to fathom and comprehend their Blackness and to find in it a strength and dignity so long denied. (1 man, 1 woman.) STRING. The scene is the annual picnic of the neighborhood block association; and some of the most fastidious ladies are incensed by the presence of "old Joe," a raggedy character who subsists on other's castoffs and is an embarrassment to all. They are joined by L. V. Craig, a boastful cafe operator who delights in taunting Joe and in flashing his bankroll before the others. In the course of the action Joe furtively retrieves a piece of string dropped by one of the ladies—and at the same time L. V. Craig finds his wallet missing. Suspicion immediately falls on Joe, who is ashamed to tell what he has hidden in his pocket. But, when he finally does, no one will believe him. Ultimately the missing wallet is found, but the truth, once known, is still not easily accepted, nor does it overcome the hurt and anguish that unfounded suspicion can engender. (2 men, 3 women, 1 girl.)
Alice Childress

Alice Childress

Alice Childress, actress, novelist, and playwright, was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on October 12, 1912. Childress moved to Harlem when she was five and was raised by her grandmother, who encouraged her to write. At weekly church events, young Childress heard moving stories of personal and family struggles, which inspired her with a love of storytelling and served as fodder for stories ... view full profile

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