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Molly Sweeney - Full Length Play

Molly Sweeney

Brian Friel

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822215325

Three points of view about a poignant drama are related by three chara…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Three points of view about a poignant drama are related by three characters addressing the audience directly. First there is Molly, blind since early infancy, who describes her world before and after an operation to restore some of her sight. Her husband, Frank, who pushed Molly into this operation, relates his view of his wife's journey into sightedness and his dealings with her doctor. Molly's once-famous eye surgeon, Mr. Rice, watches both Molly and Frank and reveals his opinion of them along with his own fears in handling the operation. Through it all we see each character's painful and happy histories, their memories and the events that led them to meet. Their stories interweave on stage, threading in and around each other's lives, until the unexpected and touching conclusion to this striking tale.
"Brian Friel has been recognized as Ireland's greatest living playwright…his latest work, MOLLY SWEENEY…confirms that Mr. Friel still writes like a dream." —NY Times. "Brian Friel's beautiful and dazzling MOLLY SWEENEY…is one of those marvelous onion plays…As you peel away each plump and juicy layer, another layer emerges underneath, and yet another…What a marvelous play this is! See it—wander in it and wonder at it." —NY Post. "Dispassionate eloquence and psychological honesty…Brian Friel's writing has such vitality and warmth, such kindly accuracy of observation." —London Sunday Times.


2m, 1f


Brian Friel

Brian Friel (1929-2015) largely considered modern Ireland's leading playwright, was born to a schoolmaster and a postmistress. After working as a teacher in Derry for ten years, he married Anne Morrison and moved to Donegal to begin writing in earnest. His first significant theatrical success was Philadelphia, Here I Come, which debuted to rave reviews at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1964. He ... view full profile

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