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Money and Friends - Full Length Play

Money and Friends

David Williamson

Full Length Play

5m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822215806

Peter, a professor of pure mathematics, weekends at Crystal Inlet as d…

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Full Length Play


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Peter, a professor of pure mathematics, weekends at Crystal Inlet as do most of his friends: Conrad (a star television reporter) and his wife Jaquie; Stephen (a surgeon) and his wife Penny; Alex (a mega-lawyer) and his wife Vicki; and Margaret, a history professor, Peter's closest friend. Peter and Margaret are the exceptions to wealth and marriage—his wife passed away and her husband left her for a younger woman. As this weekend begins, Margaret is a little more bitter than usual and Peter is a little more accommodating as they've both got something bothering them. During drinks one evening, Margaret, fed up with the "tribe," gets a little too nasty, ending the evening on a sour note. Margaret's honesty prompts Peter to tell her that he's about to lose everything unless he can come with $40,000 to cover a failed loan. She insists he tell everyone and ask for their help, but he refuses and makes her promise not reveal anything. The weekend progresses, and taking Margaret's lead, Peter attempts some honesty, starting with her. He tells Margaret to stop picking up younger men, and then goes on to inform his other friends what he really thinks, leaving them stunned. Initially, except Margaret, they never want to see him again, but soon realize that what Peter did was actually good for them. Realizing that Peter is really their best friend, Alex and Vicki plan a surprise party in his honor. In light of these plans Margaret can't keep quiet and spills the story of Peter's financial trouble, suggesting they should loan him $40,000. Despite their wealth, however, they'd rather die than part with any of their money, even to help their friend. In the end, all are forced to make decisions regarding Peter's debt, and as money initially tore them apart, it will inevitably bring some of the friends back together again.
"His script is witty—also laced with acid." —Time Out NY. "…Williamson is never less than clever and can wield a scalpel that occasionally even turns comedy into Satire/Political Satire…extremely deft with funny lines…" —LA Times. "…the characters are so perfectly drawn and the dialogue so dense with implication and authenticity—one is left laughing at the tragedy of greed, selfishness and unrealistic expectation." —The Bulletin.


5m, 4f


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