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Moose Mating - Full Length Play

Moose Mating

David Grae

Full Length Play

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822215431

The play follows the romance of Betsy and Michael, a pair of twenties/…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

The play follows the romance of Betsy and Michael, a pair of twenties/early thirties, bright, ambitious downtowners who meet at a play and experience instant, overwhelming chemistry—the magic and misery of the wound that can only be healed by the sword that inflicted it. We not only watch the romantic heroes interact, but their thoughts are revealed as well - their insecurities, fears, and dreams about relationships. Betsy and Michael each have confidants, Josie and Lonnie, who advise them on how to "play the game" with the opposite sex and how to gain the tactical advantage in the relationship. Josie and Lonnie draw on sports and war analogies to make their points. We track the relationship from first meeting to first phone call to first date to first kiss to first time making love to falling in love to moving in together to problems and the horror of "routine" to marriage proposal to breakup. MOOSE MATING will make you think twice before entering the moose-jammed forest of a modern-day relationship.
A paranoid romantic comedy about the mating rituals of contemporary New Yorkers. Many penetrating and humorous questions about modern courtship are hashed out, spit out and thrown out as we observe the present-day battle of the sexes. "…dialogue that's both eloquent and amusing, an insight into the insecurities that plague contemporary relationships…the writing flourishes…" —BackStage. "In ninety-five highly enjoyable minutes, covering one couple's relationship from Ardent to Zilch, this play makes some witty and at times hilarious observations about the complicated mating rituals of homo saps and femme savantes…His discourse on the perils of talking with a woman had most women in the audience laughing to the point of tears…" —Register-Guard.


3m, 2f


Flexible casting

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