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Mr. 80% - Full Length Play

Mr. 80%

James Sherman

Full Length Play

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822207801

Sharon, a no-nonsense young attorney, and Patricia, who is doing her m…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Sharon, a no-nonsense young attorney, and Patricia, who is doing her medical residency, advertise for a roommate to help pay the rent of their New York apartment. After a sour experience with Sharon's former live-in boyfriend, the two decide to specify either another woman or a gay male only, which elicits a response from Sam, a struggling young comic, who, with his partner, Jan, is desperate to find an affordable place to live—desperate enough to pose as a homosexual, with Jan as his lover. The fact that Sharon and Patricia are taken in by the ruse leads to a series of hilarious misunderstandings, made even funnier by the swishy high jinks of the two attractive (and decidedly heterosexual) young men; and the fact that, inevitably, they find themselves falling in love with their toothsome roommates. How to work out a happy ending for relationships involving two young women who have become embittered and suspicious by the perfidy of men in general; and two young men who, having been so successful in convincing their roommates that they are gay that they are now hard pressed to reverse the notion, is a test of the author's ingenuity—but one which Mr. Sherman meets with lively inventiveness, nonstop hilarity and, in the end, a redeeming touch of genuine warmth and humanity.
A truly funny play, this comic romp deals with two decidedly heterosexual young men who pretend to be homosexuals in order to share an apartment with a pair of very fetching young women. A long-run critical and popular success at Chicago's Victory Gardens Theatre. "…James Sherman has whipped up an engaging, entertaining souffle, laced with one-liners and quick comic turns…" —Chicago Sun-Times. "…Sherman, once again, has his finger firmly on the pulse of the zeitgeist in a light and frothy play that could serve as a time capsule for the 1980s" —Variety. "The results are hilarious, laughs hitting line after line." —Leader Newspapers.


3m, 3f

James Sherman

James Sherman

James Sherman is the author of the plays Magic Time, The God of Isaac, Mr. 80%, The Escape Artist, Beau Jest, This Old Man Came Rolling Home, Jest A Second!, Romance in D, From Door to Door, The Old Man’s Friend, Affluenza!, Half and Half, Relatively Close, and Jacob and Jack.James was a theatre student at Illinois State University in the early 1970’s. He began his professional career as a writer ... view full profile

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