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Mrs. Sedgewick's Head - Full Length Play

Mrs. Sedgewick's Head

Tom Griffin

Full Length Play

8m, 2f

Johnny Simmons, a successful screenwriter, is sent to prison for the m…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Johnny Simmons, a successful screenwriter, is sent to prison for the mercy killing of his brother. During his incarceration he writes a novel - in his mind - totally memorizes it, and upon his release writes it down verbatim and has it published under a pseudonym. It is a huge success and Hollywood comes calling. The novel is purchased by an independent producer who hooks up with a studio. Although the novel is published under a pseudonym, the studio insists Johnny write the screenplay. Secrets can't be kept. The studio sends a young female exec and the slimy producer to Johnny's cabin to convince him that he's the only one for the job. What at first seems like a screamingly funny and scathing Hollywood comedy soon turns into a rather dark and brooding look at selfishness and self loathing. The ruthless Hollywood moguls and the seemingly innocent locals ultimately clash, showing both sides in a harsh light, proving that if one is not capable of a mercenary lifestyle, one is nothing but a victim.
"It's hard not to resort to some of the "'Hollywood Hype'" the play takes on, to note its impact, but [the play] indeed is: Riveting! Startling! and Not to be Missed!" —East Providence Post.


8m, 2f

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