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My Brilliant Divorce - Full Length Play, Comedy

My Brilliant Divorce

Geraldine Aron

Full Length Play, Comedy


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Full Length Play



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"Observations about jealousy, loneliness and the absurdities of life. A sturdily constructed comedy with an underlying poignancy, the play could easily become a staple of regional theater." —NY Times. "The show's charm lies in the fact that Aron pushes the absurdity of the situation as much as its pathos…Mixing vaudevillian solo-turn and vicarious soul-baring, she offers an enjoyable evening of stand-up tragedy." —Guardian. "There are some great jokes…but there are also sudden shafts of piercing emotional truth…the sequence when Angela goes to a sex shop to buy a vibrator is a small masterpiece of comic embarrassment…A peculiarly frosty heart is required to resist MY BRILLIANT DIVORCE." —Daily Telegraph. "Gorgeous stuff…something odder and more satisfying…a kind of midlife Alice in Wonderland." —Times (London). "Men and women in Angela's predicament, but especially women, may find BRILLIANT DIVORCE resonant with defiantly buoyant verisimilitude. Funny, sad, angry, accidentally insightful and, above all, articulate." —Newsday. "Geraldine Aron's script is absolutely gorgeous. It has irresistible Irish twinkle combined with a New York dryness…it has marvellous, grounded warmth and humour and it ripples with wonderful, tiny moments. They say God is in the detail and, God, Aron's detail is good." —Scotsman. "MY BRILLIANT DIVORCE is a fast-moving play with many subtle layers and nuances of emotion, sarcasm, and humor. The truly wonderful dialogue is heartwarming, funny, and filled with relatable touches that bring each point home whether you've been through a divorce or not." —Hamptons.com. "Devastatingly honest…hugely empathetic and amusing…packed with detail…treat yourself." —Sunday Express (London).




Geraldine Aron

Geraldine Aron was born in Galway, Eire and educated in Dublin and London. She has lived in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. She has twin daughters and currently lives in London. Her theater credits include: My Brilliant Divorce (The Apollo Theatre, London; Druid Theatre, Ireland; Olivier Award nominee for Best Entertainment), Miracle Conway, Namaste, Mr Roper, Auntie Essie, Rustlers ... view full profile

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