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My Cup Ranneth Over - Full Length Play

My Cup Ranneth Over

Robert Patrick

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822207986

Struggling to succeed as a writer, despite little to show for her effo…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Struggling to succeed as a writer, despite little to show for her efforts but rejection slips, Paula ignores the ringing phone, as she has disciplined herself not to interrupt her work before lunch. Instead her still sleeping roommate, Yucca, a happy-go-lucky rock singer, is roused to answer it—and, as it happens, the call is for her, anyway. So are the many others which follow insistently thereafter, plus the TV crew waiting downstairs, and all because Yucca, who filled in for an ailing performer the night before, has suddenly been "discovered." She couldn't care less, but Paula, while trying to control her anguish, cares a great deal—with results that are funny, ironic, very human and consistently entertaining.
Widely produced, including presentation by New York's Circle Repertory Company, and also selected for inclusion in his "Best Short Plays" series, this perceptive, ironic and very funny short play deals with the suddenly complicated relationship which develops between two roommates when one (while hardly trying) is catapulted to success, while the other (who has been trying very hard) remains unnoticed. "…a delightful one-act examination of poetic injustice." —NY Daily News. "Nothing could be simpler than the situation, and nothing could be cleverer than the way Patrick keeps it moving, with an unending flow of reversals and laugh lines, all seeming to tumble quite by accident out of the characters and the event." —Village Voice.



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