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New Beat on an Old Drum - Full Length Play

New Beat on an Old Drum

Kurtz Gordon

Full Length Play

5m, 7f

ISBN: 9780822208136

When Jane Shaw, a young teacher, arrives to spend the summer at the be…

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Full Length Play


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When Jane Shaw, a young teacher, arrives to spend the summer at the beach house inherited from her aunt, she finds that her neighbors (four slightly "pixilated" widows) have agreed to sell their land to a dashing real estate operator—and her property is needed to complete the "package." Sensing a trick, Jane, and her teenage niece, Linda, take a closer look at the affairs of the developer, Rock Harrington, and end up deciding to reject his offer. In the ensuing complications Jane is aided by her good friend Gary Roberts (also in real estate); Linda finds herself pursued by several attractive young men; and another niece, the headstrong Mimi, arrives unannounced (and much to the others' dismay) to further confuse matters. In the end Jane's suspicions are borne out; Rock Harrington is foiled by his own cleverness; the "widows" receive a very advantageous counter-offer; and Linda meets the kind of boy who would delight any young girl's summer. Proving again that the more things change the more they really remain the same—just a new beat on an old drum.
Blending humor, suspense and romance, this absorbing play deals with the come-uppance of a super-smooth real estate developer out to trick a group of seemingly gullible ladies.


5m, 7f


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