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Night Life - Full Length Play

Night Life

Sidney Kingsley

Full Length Play

17m, 7f

A wide assortment of characters gather in the play's setting: a gangst…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

A wide assortment of characters gather in the play's setting: a gangster-run New York nightclub. They include a brutal and power-mad labor leader; a female singer who thinks she loves him; an idealistic young attorney haunted by memories of the man he had bayoneted in Korea; a foreign movie sex symbol with strong Lesbian leanings; and a weary old liberal, once a poet, now in the furniture business, who has drinking problems. While the sinister labor boss, who waits for news that his men have killed an honest union leader whom he had once worshipped, is the central figure in the action, the ex-poet is the focal point. Years ago, his son drowned while trying to save some strangers and his wife has never forgiven him. Aware of his futility and the fact that he is looked upon as an old fool, he must give his own life to save the embittered young attorney from the labor man's knife. In the end, there is a moment of truth and revelation which probes deeply into the char-acters themselves and into the meaning of the play as a comment on modern society and its ills.
Set in a New York key club during the early morning hours, the play is a compelling and relentless study of the disparate and unhappy people whom chance has brought together for a fateful and climatic encounter. "Sidney Kingsley has few peers in the craft of summoning theatre arts to conjure up a realistic atmosphere." —NY Times. "…an ambitious and provocative idea." —NY Post. "…absorbing theatre." —NY Journal-American.


17m, 7f


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