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Night Thoughts and Terminal - Collection / Anthology

Night Thoughts and Terminal

Corinne Jacker

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822208259

NIGHT THOUGHTS. After having lived alone for many years Dorothy, a chr…

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Collection / Anthology

NIGHT THOUGHTS. After having lived alone for many years Dorothy, a chronic invalid, now has Ida staying with her. Dorothy is connected to a battery of machines that monitor her bodily functions and sustain her feeble hold on life, and she seems to resent and distrust the robust Ida, who may—or may not—be her sister. They talk of other times and events which may—or may not—have happened, and Ida hints that there is a man waiting for her outside, a man who has a friend for Dorothy. But Dorothy can only suspect Ida of planning her demise, a suspicion which seems borne out when Ida, suitcase already packed, suddenly leaves—whereupon Dorothy tears away the wires that entangle her and surprisingly survives. (2 women.) TERMINAL. Comfortably ensconced in his private room awaiting minor surgery, Steven is unexpectedly visited by Oswald, a terminal patient who appears to have the run of the hospital. Skittish about medical matters, Steven grows increasingly restive as Oswald catalogues his gruesome ailments and operations—all of which somehow seems to engender in Steven a sense of guilt as well: about his sureness of full recovery versus Oswald's sad fate; and also about his being well off, while Oswald has become a charity patient. As Oswald piles horror on horror Steven presses on him his cashmere robes, his expensive fountain pen, chocolates, scotch and, finally his bed-anything to shut him up and persuade him that someone does care about him (but if only he would go away). (2 men.)
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