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Northeast Local - Full Length Play

Northeast Local

Tom Donaghy

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822215509

The story follows Mickey and Gi from their meeting in the late summer,…

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Full Length Play


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The story follows Mickey and Gi from their meeting in the late summer, 1963, until their parting thirty years later. He is a steel worker who cannot foresee the approaching end of that industry. She, sensing emerging possibilities for women, hopes soon to find her calling. By the end of the first scene they have already conceived Stefan, and over the next decades they will struggle to stay afloat as time—and the times—move more quickly than either would have imagined. Other influences in Mickey and Gi's lives are Jesse, who's moved North from New Orleans to open a pastry shop, and Mickey's immigrant mother, Mair, who finds so many things about her new world impossible to accept. NORTHEAST LOCAL is an elegy for a certain time, place, and class in America, as much as it is for the movement of time itself.
"Donaghy's play explores a family story over the course of thirty years, starting in 1963…Donaghy writes very skillfully…and…brings to his story considerable poignancy and resonance." —NY Post.


2m, 2f

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