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Oh, Mama! No, Papa! - Full Length Play

Oh, Mama! No, Papa!

Reginald Denham, Alfonso Paso

Full Length Play

4m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822208396

Eleanor (a widow) and Silas (a widower) are both, if you take their wo…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Eleanor (a widow) and Silas (a widower) are both, if you take their word for it, near death's door. Louisa (Eleanor's daughter) and James (Silas' son), having tired of their parents' perpetual grumbling and moaning accompany them to see Dr. Bolt—the idea being to get a first-hand report on just what is wrong with their elders. All four meet for the first time in the Doctor's waiting room, and immediately strike up friendships. In fact Eleanor and Silas are smitten with a romantic passion of the sort usually experienced only by the young. This happens to be exactly what the Doctor ordered—although their children are shocked by such carrying on. Nevertheless love has its way, and in short order Silas is pacing the living room of his apartment in anticipation of a visit from Eleanor. When she arrives the champagne is uncorked, and soon our "outpatients" are billing and cooing like two love birds. The bloom of passion is suddenly deflated by the unexpected appearance of James and Louisa, who manage to make the whole thing seen tawdry and ridiculous, and who decree that their parents are not to see any more of each other. The unrequited lovers are soon as filled with aches and pains as ever, but a trumped-up story of a clandestine meeting and the imminent arrival of a wee one brings the spoil-sport children back in line.
Enormously successful in its original Spanish version, this sprightly farce-comedy has been cleverly, and hilariously, transferred to a contemporary American setting.


4m, 3f


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