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On an Average Day - Full Length Play

On an Average Day

John Kolvenbach

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822222743

After 23 years two alienated brothers are reunited in the stinking kitchen of a rotting apartment. Bob is a sociopathic slob, facing jail for throwing a man from a car; Jack seems successful and disciplined but nurses his own considerable demons. Together

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Full Length Play


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"Four Stars!" —Guardian (London). "Kolvenbach reveals himself as a writer of real skills. His writing combines humor, sadness and the possibility of redemption in a manner that is all his own. We will be hearing more of him." —Daily Telegraph (London). "A riveting emotional duel." —LA Weekly. "Provocative and chilling. A thought-provoking play." —Hollywood Reporter. "If the New Testament were rewritten for modern times in language that included four-letter words and psychotic outbursts against the inscrutable will of God, the Good Book might read something like John Kolvenbach's ON AN AVERAGE DAY. Kolvenbach's characters are both complex and mythic, mixing innocence and world-weariness." —Cape Cod Times. "An emotionally harrowing yet subtly compassionate work, John Kolvenbach's tragicomedy recalls the brutal family-dysfunction dramas of Sam Shepard coupled with the enigmatic subtext of Harold Pinter's works. Meticulously unpeeling the layers of emotional fog surrounding the estranged relationship between two long-separated brothers, the piece evokes the tension of a crafty mystery thriller, though its ultimate payoff is profound emotional resonance." —BackStage. "Like an extended, surrealistic Smothers Brothers routine, John Kolvenbach's engrossing sojourn through sibling angst is highlighted by the brilliantly off-kilter interplay between dysfunctional recluse Bobby and his more socially integrated older brother Jack. ON AN AVERAGE DAY offers a searing, often hilarious history of familial disintegration." —Variety. "ON AN AVERAGE DAY is an emotionally charged play, monumental in its passion, and mind-boggling in its intensity. You will be left with admiration and wonderment for a play that is beyond awesome." —CurtainUp.



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