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Only You - Full Length Play

Only You

Timothy Mason

Full Length Play

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822214885

Leo is a little intense, planning a lifetime with Miriam on their firs…

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Full Length Play


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Leo is a little intense, planning a lifetime with Miriam on their first date. Even Leo's mysterious whispering mentor, Big Voice, can't succeed in getting Leo to lighten up, and Miriam shows Leo the door. Friends counsel friends in this romantic urban fairytale: While Leo seeks glib Eddie's dubious advice, Miriam pours her heart out to the clueless Heather, and depressed Bo seeks help from anyone willing to put up with him. Eddie's party, thrown together to set things right among young lovers, ends by throwing the wrong people in bed together, with calamitous results. It takes the active intervention of Big Voice, a deus ex machina whose "eye is on the sparrow," to engineer a final zany costume party. Here love is resolved as well as it can be in a world where "between what we anticipate and what we receive a great gulf is fixed." Bo lands a sympathetic Heather, Eddie discovers his true vocation, Leo finds his Cinderella and Miriam, her unlikely prince.
A fast-moving fanciful, and funny "send-up" of conventional mores following tangled affairs of a group of young would-be lovers. "There is a kind of dazzling silliness running through Timothy Mason's ONLY YOU which is utterly disarming and bewilderingly beguiling." —NY Post. "This play is brightly written and provides almost non-stop laughter as it chronicles the attempts of its characters to connect with one another and the world…a delightfully refreshing contemporary comedy that filled the Jungle with mirth and sighs of recognition…a charming and disarming two hours of fun." —Minneapolis Star Tribune. "In comedy, it is surprise that counts, and ONLY YOU is a confection." —The New Yorker.


4m, 2f

Timothy Mason

Timothy Mason

Timothy Mason wrote the book and lyrics for the seasonal Broadway hit, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical. His novel, The Last Synapsid, an adventure-fantasy for kids, is being published by Delacorte Press (2009). Mr. Mason was a company playwright with Circle Rep in New York City, which produced his plays Levitation, Only You, Babylon Gardens (with Timothy Hutton and ... view full profile

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