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Our Girls - Full Length Play

Our Girls

Conrad Seiler

Full Length Play

6m, 5f

The Lovejoys have named their sons "Jesse," "Francis" and "Vivian," be…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The Lovejoys have named their sons "Jesse," "Francis" and "Vivian," because Mildred's Aunt Jessie doesn't like boys. Aunt Jessie lives in England, so it has been easy to deceive her. She must never know that the "girls" who are to inherit her money are boys—very real boys. They "scrap" with Chester Wattles, are accused by Mrs. Wattles of breaking her windows, and act as other boys do. Each will receive $5,000 on his sixteenth birthday, and more when he comes of age. Vivian is nearly sixteen, and Father plans to borrow part of the $5,000 to expand his business. Then the blow falls! Aunt Jessie has decided to pay a visit and bestow on her eldest "niece" in person the $5,000. What can be done? The boys must be girls—during Aunt Jessie's visit. The boys are won over, dressed as girls and carefully rehearsed. Aunt Jessie arrives and finds Mildred's "daughters" strange creatures indeed. All is well, however, until Vivian decides to put on his own clothes to see Phyllis, his girl, whom he has had to neglect. Aunt Jessie sees him slipping out—Vivian, her niece, in shirt, pants, and cap, and cropped hair! The truth is out and it looks as though all is lost. But after the old lady gives the family a scare, she relents.
A new angle on the old theme—boys masquerading as girls.


6m, 5f

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