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Our Lady of Sligo - Full Length Play

Our Lady of Sligo

Sebastian Barry

Full Length Play

2m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822216902

This is the script of a play in which an old woman lying in her bed remembers her past as the vivid present.

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

"Cerebral and lyrical, he is the new crown prince of Ireland's majestic theatrical tradition" (Newsweek) Mai O'Hara lies in a Dublin hospital in 1953 attended by a young nursing Sister and visited by the uneasy figures of her husband Jack, daughter Joanie and her dead father. Fuelled by alcohol, passion and despair it is the story of her flamboyant but destructive relationship with Jack, the lost country of her childhood and unfulfilled expectations in the wake of Irish independence and self-rule. Our Lady of Sligo was produced at the Royal National Theatre in co-production with Out of Joint, directed by Max Stafford-Clark, in April 1998.
"Barry is one of the new generation of astonishingly good young Irish dramatists who make the modish in-your-face school of English theatrical shock merchants seem almost pathetically exhibitionist and callow." —Daily Telegraph. "Barry…is a first rate theatrical poet: Every phrase is brushed with eloquence." —The Guardian (UK). "Sebastian Barry's new play takes place at the barren and busy crossroads between life and death, duty and resentment, belonging and loneliness, love and hate…Barry understands how intensely aware people are, in nations with a history of oppression and exploitation, that they carry the burden of their race." —Sunday Times (London).


2m, 5f


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