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Passing Through - Full Length Play

Passing Through

Peter John Bailey

Full Length Play

7m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822208754

The time is 1944, the place Catesville, Kansas. Restless and bored wit…

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Full Length Play


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The time is 1944, the place Catesville, Kansas. Restless and bored with small-town life, Sarah Carson, an attractive widow of 37, contemplates selling her late husband's dry goods store and pursuing her dream of becoming a novelist. The local minister and the boy who works in the store both make romantic overtures to the lonely Sarah, but she is not moved—until she meets Walter Dobbins, a young soldier of 20 who is passing through Catesville and who confides to Sarah that he plans to become an actor after the war. Despite the difference in their ages Walter and Sarah know immediately that they are kindred spirits, and love grows quickly and spontaneously. After meeting for a weekend in New York, before Walter goes overseas, they correspond regularly until Walter is wounded and sent home to Texas to recuperate. Mustering her courage, Sarah visits Walter at his family's drab home—and suddenly the difference in their ages becomes, at least for her, an obstacle too great to overcome. But, in the tender and moving final moments of the play, this too gives way to the power of a love which will not be denied.
A lyric and evocative study of love between an older woman and the young soldier whom she meets when he is "passing through" her home town on his way overseas. First produced by the noted CAST theatre, in Los Angeles. "Bailey has some eloquent things to say about how life's 'oughts' stifle dreams and about having the good sense and courage to recognize love where and how you find it." —LA Weekly. "He's created people we care about, who keep us guessing about their fate until the last curtain falls." —The Hollywood Reporter.


7m, 5f

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