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Passing Through from Exotic Places - Collection / Anthology

Passing Through from Exotic Places

Ronald Ribman

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822208761

The first play, THE SON WHO HUNTED TIGERS IN JAKARTA, begins arresting…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

The first play, THE SON WHO HUNTED TIGERS IN JAKARTA, begins arrestingly as a suburban couple discover an intruder in their living room at 3 A.M. The well-dressed prowler claims that he stumbled in by mistake on his way home from a party; the husband is inclined to believe his story; the wife does not. From then on, the tension and excitement develop inexorably. (2 men, 1 woman.) In the second play, SUNSTROKE, a pudgy, eager Peace Corpsman arrives to take over the duties at a Pacific island, replacing an eccentric couple who have apparently turned the outpost into an antebellum Southern plantation. Humor and fantasy mingle as the well-educated, young native he first encounters turns himself into a grinning, shuffling "darkie" at the others' arrival. (3 men, 1 woman.) The third play, THE BURIAL OF ESPOSITO, is a touching and powerful study of a father who has lost a son in Vietnam and whose grief and guilt are so great that he convinces himself that the boy is still alive—and arises from his coffin to forgive him. (3 men, 1 woman.)
Produced successfully Off-Broadway, these varied and skillfully constructed short plays fit together smoothly as an omnibus program but may also be presented separately. "…superior theatre, dramatic, exciting, funny and original." —NY Daily News. "…a young playwright with a strong hold on theatricality." —Variety.
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