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Patient A - Full Length Play

Patient A

Lee Blessing

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822213642

Commissioned by the Bergalis family to explore Kimberly's case of cont…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Commissioned by the Bergalis family to explore Kimberly's case of contracting the AIDS virus, the playwright becomes part of the story as an essential observer to the story. Kim's encounters with Lee reflect their relationship in real life as well as the "playwright" and "character" in the play. A third character, Matthew, represents a composite of the thousands of gay men who have suffered in the AIDS epidemic. As the play recounts Kim's case, spotlighting the media and political circuses surrounding it, we see all three characters struggle with the debate and with their innermost feelings about themselves and each other.
An exploration of the experience of Kimberly Bergalis, whose case marked the first known instance of HIV transmission from a health-care worker to a patient. Issues of testing, discrimination and personal responsibility are examined against the larger backdrop of the AIDS epidemic in America. "[Blessing's] appetite for moral complexity has never been more challenged and his capacity to avoid settling for mere indignation has never been more welcome than in Patient A." —Time Magazine. "In PATIENT A as in TWO ROOMS, Mr. Blessing reveals his commitment to social action." —NY Times. "[Blessing] uses his gifts to help us delve further into the great mystery of AIDS." —NY Newsday.


2m, 1f

Lee Blessing

Lee Blessing

Lee Blessing's play's include: A Walk In The Woods (Broadway and London's West End), Going to St. Ives, (Outer Critic’s Circle Award, Best Play, Obie for ensemble performance); Thief River (Drama Desk nomination, Best Play); Cobb (Drama Desk award, best ensemble); Chesapeake, Eleemosynary,Down The Road, The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, and Cold Water. In the 1992-93 Signature Theatre season: ... view full profile

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