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Pieces - Full Length Play


Hywel John

Full Length Play

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822225218

Jack and Beatrice are twins. They have no grandparents. They have no u…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Jack and Beatrice are twins. They have no grandparents. They have no uncles or aunts and no cousins. And now, they have no mom and dad. The one person who can look after them is their godmother, Sophie, who arrives at their remote rural family home, shocked and unprepared. Sophie has not seen the children since they were tiny—too tiny for them to remember her, and undoubtedly too little to remember what caused her long, enforced absence. But as the three of them return to the isolated home at the end of a forest, their collective grief triggers a tragic attempt to remember, repair and recreate the past.
"This haunting play gets under your skin and stays there for days…A serious examination of grief and childhood loss…PIECES is daring, frightening and deeply human." —NYTheater.com. "The story drops like flower petals at our feet and becomes a carpet of mystery without us noticing until we are up to our necks in the tale." —NewYorkTheatreGuide.com. "Terrific…makes Pinter seem benign in comparison…this is a contemporary fairytale whose psychological surety will leave you in pieces." —Guardian (London). "Spine-tingling…exquisitely nuanced…Hywel John's first play is a fascinating piece, always gripping, often very funny, beautifully paced." —The Stage (London). "Excellent! Wonderfully creepy." —ReviewsOffBroadway2.com.


1m, 2f

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