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Pitching to the Star and Other Short Plays - Collection / Anthology

Pitching to the Star and Other Short Plays

Donald Margulies

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822213581

When Peter finally gets a good break for his Hollywood script, he find…

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Collection / Anthology


Bare Stage/Simple Set

When Peter finally gets a good break for his Hollywood script, he finds himself PITCHING TO THE STAR of the pilot show. Promised control over something he's worked long and hard on, he finds his integrity and his storyline attacked every time the star makes a suggestion to completely change his script and make the lead character exactly like herself. (2 men, 3 women, flexible casting). In L.A. a washed-up young movie star explains to a willing fan in a bar how he went from a happy, married young novice to a wealthy, gambling, overnight sensation and back to a hungry, divorced wanna-be who only wants to recapture his original dream of having "enough" and being married for life. (1 man, 1 woman.) The SPACE in this play of the same name covers what comes between couples, what is out in the universe and even time spent between friends. Relating the story of his break-up with his girlfriend, one friend reveals to another how space—in whatever form—invades all his thoughts about himself and his world. (2 men.) Two WOMEN IN MOTION work together and take a tropical vacation together, surveying the territory and the men. When Monica reveals to Libby her crush on a co-worker, Mike, Libby takes little interest, but when Libby's island date sours, she interrupts Monica's fling to tell her Mike has no interest in Monica and, in fact, he gave Libby a long passionate kiss by the copy machine right before this trip. The women travel home in silence. (2 women.) We meet ZIMMER in the record store where he advises young buyers about the real rock and roll, before their time. He knows it all, and imparts his storehouse of knowledge while relating his experiences growing up: the expectations, his family, the friends who freaked out, the expectations, where he was when Kennedy died, his Bar Mitzvah, his girlfriend, and maybe a few more expectations. Always there is the music to tie it together, and tide him over. (1 man.)
These five short plays cover a wealth of emotions and introduce us to zany and soulful characters. Love, longing, family and, of course, Hollywood, fill the lives of writers, actors, would-be actors, office workers and music mavens.
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