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Please Communicate - Full Length Play

Please Communicate

Mary Oldfield

Full Length Play

4m, 3f

Robert and Eleanor Clyde, a happily married couple, have one child, a …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Robert and Eleanor Clyde, a happily married couple, have one child, a son, Robin, whom they both adore. Eleanor is away on a visit and Robert is taking his secretary, Jane, home one night when he runs over a man on a bicycle. Jane is afraid her fiance will put the wrong construction on it if he knows she has had dinner with her employer, even though the evening was entirely proper. At her insistence, Robert drives on, leaving the man he has hit lying on the road. When he arrives at his home, Robert learns that the man he hit was his own son—and that the boy is dead. Jane is the only person who knows that it was Robert who killed his son, and they agree to keep it a secret from Eleanor, who arrives immediately afterwards. Eleanor's grief changes her from a charming, gracious woman to someone whose only thought is of revenge—her life becomes dedicated to one purpose, to find and punish the person who killed her son. She offers a large reward to anyone who can furnish information that may lead to discovery of the driver. Eventually, between a clue that is furnished by the owner of the garage where Robert keeps his car, and Robert's own slips as the result of his unhappy conscience, Eleanor learns that it is her husband who killed her son; and the remainder of the play is filled with suspense until we finally learn what course of action Eleanor will take.
Produced at the Pasadena Playhouse, this is a most exciting suspense drama. Set in England.


4m, 3f

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