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Punch and Judy - Full Length Play

Punch and Judy

Bill Svanoe

Full Length Play


Marina Cliff, a Hungarian-Swiss beauty who is recently divorced from h…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Marina Cliff, a Hungarian-Swiss beauty who is recently divorced from her real-estate billionaire husband, decides she wants to write a novel to amuse herself. She hires Carol Spearman, a smart, reclusive, cynical, witty, failed writer, to work with her. Marina is still emotionally tied to her ex-husband and guarantees a loan for him. Carol is in a push-me, pull-me relationship with a married man for twenty years and allows him to treat her badly. At the beginning, the two women dislike each other and seem to have nothing in common. They spar, test, betray and manipulate each other, yet come to an uneasy truce and agree to continue working together. But by the end of Act One, Marina loses all her money to her ex, and Carol's boyfriend drops dead. Now the two women have more in common than they realize. In Act Two, Marina and Carol, dealing with their losses are drawn together and apart. Carol's book is a huge success, and at first Marina is furious, but comes around and tries to help Carol with her grief. Carol, having trouble with intimacy, tries to push her away, but the two women struggle through and find a budding, though tenuous, friendship. Realizing they can work together, Carol confronts Marina's ex-husband to get back the money he's lost. Intertwined in their relationship and activities is Melody Charm, Marina's ex-husband's current girlfriend, who seems like a "bimbo," but who is really a smart woman who knows better than Carol or Marina how to get the man she wants.
A clever, and often hilarious, tale of two women who lie to and deceive each other until they realize they just might learn something about themselves once the game is over. "…PUNCH AND JUDY by playwright Bill Svanoe is a fast-paced comedy brimming with tangy wit, endearing moments and socialite charm…Cohesively and keenly written…" —Drama-Logue.




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