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Race (Edelstein / Bruckner) - Full Length Play

Race (Edelstein / Bruckner)

Barry Edelstein, Ferdinand Bruckner

Full Length Play

13m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822218302

1933. In a university town in Western Germany, two young medical stude…

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Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

1933. In a university town in Western Germany, two young medical students, Karlanner and his friend, Tessow, debate the future of their country and that of Karlanner's relationship with his Jewish girlfriend, Helene. The elections draw near, Karlanner is thrown into a state of confusion. Persuaded to attend a Party meeting, he comes away swayed, and soon the elections confirm that the National Socialist Party has won. Now a member, Karlanner struggles with his beliefs, but no matter how repellent he finds the Nazis, he can't seem to shake them. Helene had changed his life, and he still loves her, so when he learns that she is in danger, his world crumbles around him. Finally, at any cost, he must take a stand.
"Bruckner wrote the play, set in the spring of 1933, in the summer of 1933, while desperately trying to flee to Paris. While the rest of the world was slowly awak-ening to the rising Fascist threat he had fully grasped its consequences and put them down on paper." —Time Out NY. "The play has an unmediated heat, anger and bewilderment…filled with scenes guaranteed to provoke reflexive shudders…" —NY Times. "…a piece of scholarship and a feat of theatrical archaeology…" —Variety. "RACE is both scarily suspenseful and heartbreakingly elegant…" —NY Magazine.


13m, 3f


Expandable casting, Flexible casting

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