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Rantoul and Die - Full Length Play

Rantoul and Die

Mark Roberts

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822224143

From the writer and executive producer of Two and a Half Men comes a n…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

From the writer and executive producer of Two and a Half Men comes a new play with four of the funniest, ugliest, heartbreakingly real characters ever, all crammed together in a grimy little world that makes the local Dairy Queen and Dante's Inferno seem one and the same. Rallis and Debbie's marriage has reached its expiration date. In fact, it's soured and stuck to the bottom of the carton. She wants him to pack his stuff and hit the bricks, but he's clingin' to the past like a cat on a screen door. How far will a man go to hang on to his lady fair? It's a thin line between love and hate. A kiss and a punch. An ice cream cone and a beer bottle to the back of the head.
"A rant of the highest magnitude…diving off a building into a glass of water. I know I’d pay to see a guy do that." —Tom Waits. "An original and devastatingly funny new play…blunt, raw and reckless." —Hollywood Reporter. "An edgy, grim new comedy…its numerous outrages are played with gusto." —Variety. "A profane and violent odyssey through America’s white trash psyche." —LA Times.


2m, 2f

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