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Road Show - Full Length Play

Road Show

Murray Schisgal

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9781559363419

After achieving success in New York as a hard-driving television execu…

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Trade Paperback

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Full Length Play


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After achieving success in New York as a hard-driving television executive, Andy Broude and his wife, Bianca, are heading westward to Hollywood—where Andy expects to take over the helm of a major motion picture studio. Having decided to "see the country" en route, Andy and Bianca are driving to California (with frequent stops to call Andy's agent, who is still negotiating the fine points of Andy's contract) and as the play begins they are laying over in a small midwestern town. But then fate intervenes when Andy unexpectedly encounters his first love, Evelyn (who is now married to the local druggist), old memories flood back, and Andy unaccountably finds himself planning to give up California (and Bianca) to recapture the idealistic life he had once hoped for with Evelyn, when he was a struggling (but still dedicated) writer and she was a music student. However, complications arise in the form of Evelyn's rather odd but good-hearted husband, Robert; the demands of the children whom both couples have produced; and, of course, the indomitable Bianca. Using cardboard props and sets to emphasize the antic, fast-paced nature of the play, the action moves ahead swiftly as it follows the emotional ups and downs of the characters, and the eventual thudding return to reality when Andy is finally informed that his new job is definite (at a million plus per year), and he and Bianca hop back into their car to depart, with hardly a backward glance as, sadder but wiser, Evelyn and Robert (whose father has just died) console each other for their respective losses.
A surreal and highly imaginative comedy which blends bizarre humor with moments of probing intensity as it explores the promise—and pitfalls—of life in our times, and the way in which the idealism of youth can be subverted by the materialism and status seeking which, so often, creep in with the passing years. First presented by New York's famed Circle Repertory Company.


2m, 2f

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