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Sand Mountain - Collection / Anthology

Sand Mountain

Romulus Linney

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822209850

The first component play, SAND MOUNTAIN MATCHMAKING, deals with an att…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

The first component play, SAND MOUNTAIN MATCHMAKING, deals with an attractive young widow, Rebecca, who is wooed by a succession of thoroughly objectionable suitors: the first a conceited stud who is sure that she is physically attracted to him; the second a coarse old farmer who is looking for a compliant slave and who has already buried two wives; and the third a Bible-spouting bore whose last wife deserted him. In desperation Rebecca seeks the counsel of Lottie, a wise old hill woman, who tells her that all is not lost; she can find the right man by posing a simple (if suggestive) question to those who come to court her. This Rebecca does, and her reward, happily enough, is Sam Bean—a strapping young widower with a mind of his own who gives Rebecca as good as he gets and is more than a match for her and the memory of her late husband. (4 men, 2 women, 1 boy.) In the second portion of the program, WHY THE LORD COME TO SAND MOUNTAIN, The Lord and Saint Peter eschew the hospitality of a wealthy lowland farmer and, instead, pay an unexpected call on an impoverished mountain couple, who live in blissful ignorance with their fourteen illegitimate children. While The Lord and Saint Peter may not approve of the family's primitive lifestyle, they are warmed by their lively company (and their jug of brandy) and begin to swap the sort of tall tales with which hill people seek to outdo each other, culminating in a hilarious retelling of the story of Joseph and Mary which puts The Lord in such an expansive mood that he is moved to bestow a miracle on his awe-struck hosts—with delightfully humorous results. (4 men, 2 women, 1 boy.) While designed to be produced together as a single bill, the plays may be presented separately with equal effectiveness.
Two rollicking, richly humorous studies of life on the Tennessee frontier which deal respectively with the courting of a young, no-nonsense widow and the time The Lord and Saint Peter paid an unexpected visit to an impoverished and unwed mountain couple. "With generosity and humor, he shows his people in their natural plumage, living full lives in the shadow of desperation and poverty. One might suggest that if theatregoers want to lift their own spirits, they should try the tonic of a comedy by Romulus Linney." —NY Times. "…took the audience into realms of imagination where theatre hardly ever dares venture anymore." —Philadelphia Inquirer. "Crammed with laughter." —Variety.
Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney was the author of three novels, many short stories, and forty plays, staged throughout the United States and abroad. They include The Sorrows of Frederick, Holy Ghosts, Childe Byron, Heathen Valley, 2, and a stage adaptation of Ernest Gaines' novel, A Lesson Before Dying.He won two OBIE awards, one for Sustained Excellence in Playwriting, two National Critics Awards, three ... view full profile

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