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Saturday Adoption - Full Length Play

Saturday Adoption

Ron Cowen

Full Length Play

3m, 2f, 1boy(s)

ISBN: 9780822209874

Overflowing with good intentions, Rich Meridan becomes a "Big Brother"…

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Full Length Play


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Overflowing with good intentions, Rich Meridan becomes a "Big Brother" to Macy Stander, the teenage boy of an ambitious, African-American mother. Rich hopes to inspire Macy to overcome racial prejudice and achieve success in spite of the world being against him. While Macy is initially resentful towards his "Big Brother," it's Macy's actual brother, Paul, who is openly antagonistic towards Rich and what he considers his patronizing generosity. Paul suspects that the "Big Brother" will be unable to deliver on his promises to send Macy through college and law school. Ultimately Rich's grand idea for Macy's education falls through, leaving Macy embittered and Rich disillusioned, feeling as if he is just another fervent idealist who has been defeated.
First presented by the CBS Playhouse, this moving and quietly eloquent play examines the well-meant attempt of a white college student to extend a brotherly hand to a young black boy. "…the subject matter is of universal appeal…a thought-igniting play…" —NY Daily News. "…delicately poignant…an immensely touching dialogue of understanding…" —NY Times.


3m, 2f, 1boy(s)


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