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Saturday Night - Full Length Play

Saturday Night

Jerome Kass

Full Length Play

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822209881

On Saturday night, Rochelle Harris is, as usual, expecting her friend …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

On Saturday night, Rochelle Harris is, as usual, expecting her friend Ellie. As soon as her father leaves she excitedly changes into a splashy hostess gown and covers the drab furniture with bright-colored spreads, much as she has covered her life. Then she proceeds to share cultural and sexual fantasies with her friend while damning the world, her own in particular, for its crudeness, insensitivity, dreariness. Rochelle fears going mad, the same fate as her mother, and we soon realize just how troubled Rochelle really is. Although not a martyr to her father's needs and fear of abandonment, she uses him as an excuse for self-seclusion. A family friend brings in his buddy, a would-be comedian, short on education but long on reflexive understanding, to cheer up the girls and for a moment she leaves her self-made tragedy in a cathartic gale of laughter. Finally, the father returns with a revelation about himself that ultimately shatters the glass lid that this poor girl has, in fright, placed over her life.
Touching, humorous and compassionate, this Off-Broadway success by one of our theatre's most promising writers delves into the fears and illusions of a lonely young girl who seeks escape in private fantasies from the drabness of the life around her. "…a development of his gift for rueful comedy about life in the Bronx, with his seemingly perfect ear for colloquial speech, his talent for warmly human humor and his sense of quiet compassion." —NY Post. "…a beautiful, beautiful play…" —Women's Wear Daily. "The writing is colorful, the characterizations are perceptive and the impact is meaningful." —Variety.


4m, 2f


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