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See Rock City (Hutton) - Full Length Play

See Rock City (Hutton)

Arlene Hutton

Full Length Play

1m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822220602

Picking up a year after the ending of Arlene Hutton's critically accla…

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Full Length Play


Exterior Set

Picking up a year after the ending of Arlene Hutton's critically acclaimed Last Train to Nibroc, this tender and funny sequel follows May and Raleigh through the end of World War II and introduces the characters of their two mothers-in-law. A medical condition keeps Raleigh from military service, and he is forced to sit idly on the porch, watching the cars drive by, as May supports them both as a high-school principal. Faced with daily rejection letters for his writing, constant criticism from his mother and taunts of cowardice from townspeople, Raleigh fights to find meaning in his new life. When tragedy strikes the family and May loses her job to returning soldiers, she discovers she must make an unimaginable sacrifice to save her relationship with Raleigh. This tender portrayal of married life, set against the backdrop of World War II, shows the best of the human spirit and its ability to overcome any and all obstacles. The second play of a trilogy, and the recipient of the MacLean Foundation's "In the Spirit of America" Award, SEE ROCK CITY stands alone as a very funny, touching and universal portrayal of a young couple very much in love.
"Playwright Arlene Hutton has done a risky and, as it turns out, wonderful thing in writing SEE ROCK CITY. Without missing a step, she has created a sequel that is every bit as accom-plished as its progenitor, Last Train to Nibroc. It's not simply that Hutton has returned to two characters who served her so well the first time out that is so daring. In this age of post-9/11 anxiety and complexity she's given us two characters who are decent people, worth caring about, and setting them in motion in a story that involves no melodramatics, no manipulative turns, no aberrant behavior. SEE ROCK CITY offers a reality that is as complex as the realities of day-to-day life outside the theater. [The play] picks up one year after the end of Nibroc—and if you haven't seen Nibroc have no fear; among Hutton's numerous skills is her deft weaving of critical information from that play into this one." —Berkshire Eagle. "Don't be surprised if this sequel has as long an after life as its predecessor [Last Train to Nibroc]. It's a lovely chamber work with all the characters richly developed and enough nuances to invest the flavorful dialogue and setting with more depth than the old-fashioned, well-made play simplicity implies." —CurtainUp. "…an unconventional perspective on the wartime South and difficulties faced by civilians—espe-cially women—when the soldiers returned home. Hutton concludes SEE ROCK CITY with a moving open-ended image that leaves us hoping she revisits the couple one final time…" —Creative Loafing.


1m, 3f

Arlene Hutton

Arlene Hutton

Arlene Hutton is a member of New Dramatists and a MacDowell Colony fellow. She is the author of Last Train to Nibroc (2000 New York Drama League Best Play nomination) and the Shaker drama As It Is In Heaven, both of which were selected for Smith & Kraus Best Women Playwrights anthologies. A four-time Heideman Award finalist and a three-time Samuel French Short Play Festival winner, her New ... view full profile

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