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Semi-Detached - Full Length Play


David Turner

Full Length Play

5m, 4f

The Midways, spurred on by father Fred, are a family on the move. Than…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The Midways, spurred on by father Fred, are a family on the move. Thanks to his energetic success in selling insurance they have put their humble beginnings behind them and have established themselves as solid members of the burgeoning middle class—but greener pastures still lie ahead. Turning each new opportunity to his advantage Fred moves onward and upward, maneuvering his youngest daughter into marriage with the insipid scion of a wealthy family—but trouble erupts when April, the married daughter, announces that she intends to divorce her spineless hubby because of a supposed indiscretion, and because of the fact that he stands to be disinherited by his rich uncle's impending marriage. Taking command, with wife Hilda as his trusting lieutenant, Fred plunges vehemently into the fray and, despite a few desperate moments when his Machiavellian cunning threatens to desert him, pulls all the chestnuts out of the fire with masterly and unerring self-concern. It all works out his way—or does it? As the play ends we sense that even Fred, that paragon of expediency, is beginning to wonder a bit about whether the real values in life might lie elsewhere than in the goals which he has been so furiously pursuing.
The version of the play offered here has been specifically "Americanized" for publication by the service. A fast-moving, bitingly satirical farce-comedy which achieved notable success in London and on Broadway. Concerned with the unprincipled manipulations of a lower-class family "moving up" in our materialistic society. "…larger than life, often funnier and always more brutal." —NY Times. "…a mixture of laughter and venom…" —NY Newsday. "…a bruising, boisterous Satire/Political Satire on status-seeking, executed with the grand flourish of Restoration comedy." —NY World-Telegram & Sun.


5m, 4f

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