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Showdown on Rio Road - Full Length Play

Showdown on Rio Road

Mark Medoff, Ross Marks

Full Length Play

1m, 10boy(s), 4girl(s)

A funny, heartwarming story of two brothers who, through a time of hil…

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A funny, heartwarming story of two brothers who, through a time of hilarious crisis, learn who they can really count on. Wesley Wyatt, a goofy computer nerd, his younger brother Boysy, have built (along with their father) what arguably is the world's most technologically advanced fort. Along with the father's very real "humanoid robot," the two boys form a neighborhood club. Their club and Wesley's leadership is quickly threatened when the stylish "King" Victor, a spirited wanna-be bully, moves into town from the big city and wants possession of the fort. Wesley's cowardice loses the fort, but not before he leads a comically unsuccessful campaign to save it. Push comes to shove, literally, when Wesley finally stands up to Victor. Older and bigger, Victor starts to beat up Wesley when Boysy comes to his rescue, saving his brother and the fort. Victor retreats, crying all the way home. Victor turns out to be a sweet, misunderstood kid, who excels at piano, and in the end, joins the brothers and the neighborhood kids in the local Little League game. This whimsical, fast-paced play can be understood and enjoyed by anyone who has ever had to overcome an obstacle—or a schoolyard bully.


1m, 10boy(s), 4girl(s)

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