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Solomon's Child - Full Length Play

Solomon's Child

Tom Dulack

Full Length Play

6m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822210511

Determined to regain his son, who has joined a religious cult which ha…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Determined to regain his son, who has joined a religious cult which has come to dominate his mind and soul, Allen Solomon, a medical research scientist, has arranged to have the young man, Shelley, kidnapped and brought to his summer cottage in the Catskills. Once there Shelley is turned over to the not-so-tender mercies of one Nicodemus Balthazar, a cynical, hard-drinking, grandiloquent, failed evangelist who, for a fee of $10,000, has promised to free Shelley from his dangerous obsession. Concerned about the illegality of his actions, Professor Solomon contacts his ex-wife, hoping that she will condone his tactics—but their meeting founders in dispute, and serves only to point up the tense, unhappy relationship which contributed to Shelley's alienation from his self-centered and overly ambitious parents. But the core of the action centers on the fascinating and often outrageous Balthazar, and the unorthodox procedures he employs in his tense battle for Shelley's spirit and soul. His ultimate, hard-won victory is a moment of shattering emotional impact, and a moving lesson about both the dogged resiliency—and fragility—of the human psyche.
An engrossing and penetrating drama which deals with the "deprogramming" of a young man who has become captive of a bizarre religious sect—and with the family turmoil that caused his alienation from his home and parents. "Hooray, hooray. The Broadway theater has shaken itself out of an alarmingly prolonged slumber with a nifty thriller called SOLOMON'S CHILD…" —NY Daily News. "…engrossing and provocative." —BackStage.


6m, 2f

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