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Southern Cross - Full Length Play

Southern Cross

Jon Klein

Full Length Play

8m, 3f

SOUTHERN CROSS is an epic play that navigates the "river of history" i…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

SOUTHERN CROSS is an epic play that navigates the "river of history" in the Southern United States, uncovering cycles of retribution and deliverance. The paths of many historical figures cross, from the Civil War to the era of Civil Rights. The more familiar stories include General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea, Huey Long's rise and fall, Martin Luther King's struggles in Selma, and the exploitation of Elvis Presley. Lesser known figures also share the stage: defiant landowners, runaway slaves and brave martyrs to the cause of freedom. And a steam boat captain is on hand to contribute a little typical folklore. Historical moments are juxtaposed to show the echoes and resonances of history. For example, the humorous, joyful adventure of a slave who ferried hundreds of people to freedom across the Ohio River, is followed by tear gas and clubs as a freedom marcher attempts to cross the Edmund Pettis Bridge. Finally, all the different stories of the play come together in a chilling finale.
Epic events cross over and parallel each other in this panoramic view of Southern American history. By using famous figures and landmark events, SOUTHERN CROSS reveals the origins of the present by beautifully illustrating the injustices, loves and struggles of the past. "The play…attacks a huge amorphous subject with sensitivity, humor and respect…it emerges as a challenging, imaginative treatment of very difficult material." —Star Tribune. "Klein's sweeping poetic epic…takes a stern look at the people and events that have shaped Southern history since the 1830s. Klein has done a fine job at bringing the characters to life…all of them are engaging." —Press Dispatch.


8m, 3f


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