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Strange Boarders - Full Length Play

Strange Boarders

George Batson, Jack Kirkland

Full Length Play

8m, 7f

ISBN: 9780822210870

A delightful scatterbrained maiden lady runs a boarding-house. Out of …

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Interior Set

A delightful scatterbrained maiden lady runs a boarding-house. Out of her goodness, Cordelia has adopted two girls—Candy and Gloria—practically adopted a delightful sea captain, and the "Professor" —both of them, like herself, impractical. Chiefly the play revolves round the efforts of an amusing band of bank robbers to elude the police in nearby Boston and get away with $10,000 in cash, which is brought to Cordelia's home by the Misses Amity and Priscilla Haines, who take rooms as respectable school teachers. To Cordelia's home also come Smiley, a sad-faced thug, Joey, a petty gangster, and the "Deacon," a fellow with much false piety and a benign manner. The gangsters, having seized the money stolen by the "brains" of the band, attempt to hide from their leader and keep the money themselves. Boston Benny, the "brains," unexpectedly appears, and tries to get even with his partners. Up to now Cordelia, vainly trying to organize her boarding-house on systematic principles, thinks that all the nice ladies and gentlemen who have suddenly come to her home are boarders, and she is in seventh heaven. However, the crooks cannot long keep secret who they are, and Cordelia's next problem is how to get the money, round up the crooks and get the reward for their capture. How she does this, with the help of her friends, provides comedy and suspense in generous amounts and brings all to happy conclusion.


8m, 7f

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