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Stumps - Full Length Play


Mark Medoff

Full Length Play

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822214342

Two handicapped Vietnam veterans, Stephen Ryder and Jerry Marcus, want…

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Full Length Play


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Two handicapped Vietnam veterans, Stephen Ryder and Jerry Marcus, want to make a high-class movie with explicit sex, to go a step beyond Last Tango in Paris. They elicit the interest of the young explicit film star, Fawn Sierra, who arrives in the hills of Austin for a creative meeting with her "manager," Calvin Rhodes, a "gentleman" who may be an ordained minister or may be evil incarnate. Calvin's dark manipulative personality slowly emerges as he tries to wrest the project from the writers. Trying to keep the events of the day in balance is Lin Ryder, the Stephen's Vietnamese wife. Ultimately, Cal destroys all semblance of balance and Lin is able to reestablish order only through catastrophic violence of her own.
A psychological showdown of wills and morality. "Medoff's ambitious work takes as it's jumping off point the issue of man's abuse of women, but it is dealing with the individual conscience, what each of us is willing to sacrifice when confronted with evil from outside and from within…the play is compelling from first to last. It is wrenching, outrageous and deeply affecting, and it does not flag." —Albuquerque Journal. "…STUMPS, the savage, provocative play…commands riveting attention…" —-Drama-Logue. "Mark Medoff is certainly one of America's outstanding playwrights with a long list of credits,…His latest to hit…is STUMPS, a riveting, blowout explosion of emotions and tangled motivations, dreams and nightmares…Medoff's writing is searing, witty, hurtful, sharp and memorable." —Rave!


3m, 2f

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