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Stupid Kids - Full Length Play

Stupid Kids

John C. Russell

Full Length Play

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822216988

In rapid, highly stylized, music-video-like scenes, STUPID KIDS follow…

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Full Length Play


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"In STUPID KIDS, a peppy little Satire/Political Satire of high school life, the playwright John C. Russell gets the opera of adolescence to a T…The stylized teenspeak of STUPID KIDS…suggests that Mr. Russell may have hidden a tape recorder under a desk in study hall somewhere and then scoured the tapes for good quotations…it is the kids' insular, ceaselessly churning world, a pre-adult world of Doritos and libidos, that the playwright seeks to lay bare." —NY Times. "Don't be misled by the title: STUPID KIDS couldn't be smarter. Few recent plays capture the horror and humor of hormone-stricken teenhood with the wicked specificity of John C. Russell's peer-pressure Satire/Political Satire. Certainly adolescent emotional spasms are the stock in trade of endless sitcoms, but this Off-Broadway hit goes deeper and funnier into explaining how trivialities can loom so large that the slightest embarrassment is grounds for slashing your wrists." —USA Today. "STUPID KIDS, which runs about ninety minutes without intermission, is…a sharp-edged, stylized whoosh of teen angst and conformity anguish. It is also very funny." —NY Newsday.


2m, 2f

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