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Suds in Your Eye - Full Length Play

Suds in Your Eye

Jack Kirkland, Mary Lasswell

Full Length Play

13m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822210955

A romantic tale of three ladies who, though penniless, extract from li…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Exterior Set

A romantic tale of three ladies who, though penniless, extract from life more fun than most people ever enjoy. In Mrs. Feeley's junk yard are gathered a rich assortment of young and old, including a Chinese boy, a teacher, detectives, a shipyard worker. Miss Tinkham, elderly spinster with a taste for fine language and singing, wanders into Mrs. Feeley's precincts in search of she knows not what while Mrs. Rasmussen has come because she is unhappy with her daughter. Both are welcomed by Mrs. Feeley and her adopted nephew, a delightful Asian known as Chinatown. The ladies decide to make their home in the yard and build an addition to Mrs. Feeley's shack. Mrs. Feeley has difficulties with the tax people and the big scene comes when the assessor, trying to be friendly, gives her the idea he is trying to raise her taxes, whereupon the lady assaults him and is hauled into court. She, with Mrs. Rasmussen and Miss Tinkham, is fined the exact amount of the taxes, which fall due shortly. When it is discovered that the tax money, concealed in the stomach of a wooden Indian, has disappeared, together with the Indian himself, things look dark. However, the erstwhile friend who made off with the Indian confesses his theft and gives it back—the money still safely inside.
This engaging comedy was produced in New York.


13m, 5f


Expandable casting


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