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T Bone n Weasel - Full Length Play

T Bone n Weasel

Jon Klein

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822211129

Hoping to bring themselves up to at least the poverty level, two young…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

Hoping to bring themselves up to at least the poverty level, two young ex-convicts, T Bone (who is black) and Weasel (who is white) have stolen a rather decrepit Buick and have set off across South Carolina with minor mayhem in mind. Moving swiftly from one adventure to another (with all the people whom they encounter played by the same actor) they botch an attempted robbery (because the drawer of the cash register is stuck); are swindled out of the Buick by a fast-talking used car dealer; run afoul of a sexually voracious lady farmer (who is "ugly enough to turn a train down a dirt road"); fall into the clutches of a larcenous country preacher; and try to make off with the automobile of a politically ambitious small town doctor who wants to exhibit them as examples of what poverty can do to people. Eventually Weasel is hired on by a construction company (and actually buys a car), but when they refuse to take on T Bone as well, because of his color, it is back on the road again, pausing only to make out their last wills and testaments disposing of all their "worldly goods" which, for T Bone is nothing at all, and, for Weasel, consists primarily of his used Chevette—with thirty-two payments still to go.
A highly original and high-spirited picaresque comedy first produced with great success by the Actors Theatre of Louisville as part of the 11th annual Humana Festival of New American Plays. The play follows the antic peregrinations of two ex-convicts, one white, one black, as they make their erratic way across South Carolina in search of a hot meal or an easy mark.




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