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Tadpole - Full Length Play


Jules Tasca

Full Length Play

5m, 2f

Jimmy (The Arm) Younkers, after many successful prior years of big-lea…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Jimmy (The Arm) Younkers, after many successful prior years of big-league pitching stardom, and extravagant living, has decided to "hold-out" on signing the reduced contract resulting from his failing record of recent seasons. But while Jimmy's athletic powers are waning, his destructive lifestyle has yet to run its course. Having walked out on his wife and children he continues to pursue romantic assignations with ladies near and far; he borrows money he knows he will never repay; he indulges every impulse and has no hesitation in dragging others down with him; and in general, he refuses to admit that the days of glory are over. But, throughout, he remains cocky, irreverent and unfailingly funny as he moves through a series of events in which humor, human frailty and ultimate poignancy are blended with rare theatrical skill.
Produced with notable success by the renowned Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, the biting, acerbic comedy combines zany humor, remarkable characterizations and telling comments on contemporary American society as it explores the plight of a big-league baseball pitcher who has lost his throwing arm but not his driving ego. "…hilarious comedy that has serious undercurrents…" —Hollywood Reporter. "It is about something, and its laughs tend to be character laughs rather than snappy comebacks." —LA Times. "…a very funny play…" —Variety.


5m, 2f

Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca has taught playwrighting through I.U.P. at Oxford University in England and he has performed with a Commedia dell'arte group in Central Italy. He is the author of over 125 (full length and one-act) published plays that have been produced in numerous national theaters from the Mark Taper Forum to the Bucks County Playhouse, as well as abroad in England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, South ... view full profile

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