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Telemachus Clay - Full Length Play

Telemachus Clay

Lewis John Carlino

Full Length Play

7m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822211167

TELEMACHUS CLAY is a play about a journey. It seeks to encompass in th…

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Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

TELEMACHUS CLAY is a play about a journey. It seeks to encompass in this voyage the experiences of Telemachus Clay, bastard and dreamer—as he moves through a kaleidoscope of joys and grief, seeking to touch the shadow of some distant trinity: a Godhead, his father and the salvation of his species. Eleven actors play eighty-eight characters in a sprawling, impressionistic collage of voices and sounds. The story begins in a small town and traverses a continent, to Hollywood, where Telemachus seeks to sell a story he has written that examines the painful mistakes of mankind and offers an answer to the chaos of the world. What happens to him, through his trials, despairs and frustrations, is the stuff of which the play is made. Finally, scarred and disillusioned, as he nears completion of his own myth, he meets a Prophet who tells him the solution to the ills of the world can only be found by returning to the woman he left behind and to his illegitimate son. Only there can he begin to create for himself and for them a season of the heart and of remembering in which the world can be born anew.
An imaginative and compelling kind of theatre in which the actors, using only stools and simple lighting, create a striking panorama of places and people.


7m, 4f

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