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That Serious He-Man Ball - Full Length Play

That Serious He-Man Ball

Alonzo D. Lamont Jr.

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822211273

Three black men in their late twenties, friends since high school, mee…

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Full Length Play


Exterior Set

Three black men in their late twenties, friends since high school, meet in a playground to play basketball, hang out and talk. Jello is a struggling writer, and the others tease him about living off of his parents and not having a "real" job. Sky works at a community counseling center, helping others, yet harboring deep seated frustrations which he takes out on those around him. Twin has a good position at Xerox, but he recently turned down a promotion offer, which is a mystery to Jello and Sky. The friends try to show each other up, both verbally and on the basketball court, but this escalates and, combined with the anger they feel from their everyday lives, the confrontations grow more physical. Slowly, they reveal their fears to one another and confront their self-deceptions, ending the play with less bravado and more understanding.
A play which is by turns darkly serious and raucously funny and which was produced to critical praise in Chicago and Los Angeles. "What is so refreshing and challenging about Lamont's script is its wonderful irreverence." —Chicago Sun Times. "His dialogue is rich, flavorful and rough, but there is much humor in it." —LA Downtown News.



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