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That's It, Folks! - Full Length Play

That's It, Folks!

Mark O'Donnell

Full Length Play

6m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822211280

Set on "the last day on earth," this explosive farce details the react…

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Full Length Play



Interior Set

Set on "the last day on earth," this explosive farce details the reactions of a particularly zany household to the unexpected news that the world is about to end—first their disbelief and then their relief that they will no longer have to worry about refilling ice trays. Among those present are Eden, a pure-spirited girl who is trying to communicate with other planets so that she can exchange recipes; her boyfriend, Otis, a satanist who speaks in verse and aspires to become the Antichrist's personal secretary; a suicidal nymphomaniac who works for a fashion magazine which is all cover and no text; her last pick-up, Zed, a money-mad opportunist whose ambition is to be a magazine cover boy; and a senile ghost who cannot quite grasp the fact that he is dead. As promised the world does expire, with distant planets looming into view; ominous radio voices broadcasting doomsday reports; two hard-hatted angels industriously sweeping up the post-apocalypse detritus; and, in the end, one lone, dazed survivor (Zed) left behind trying to figure out what went wrong—and why.
Described in the New York Times as a "Looney Tunes version of the apocalypse," this wildly comic farce about the end of the world, was first presented with great success by Playwrights Horizons. "…at a time when our preoccupation with doomsday is in danger of becoming a new form of narcissism, this writer's brazenly cheeky attitude is a healthy antidote." —NY Times. "It is a mark of Mark O'Donnell's skill that he manages to crowd an entire world on the last day of its existence into the narrow confines of one small room…" —NY Magazine. "There is the brain of a genuine wit behind O'Donnell's writings…" —Village Voice. "…an earth-shattering, rib-busting comedy…" —BackStage.


6m, 2f


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