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The Agony & The Agony - Full Length Play

The Agony & The Agony

Nicky Silver

Full Length Play

4m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822222637

Richard Aglow is a failure. A once-promising playwright, he finds hims…

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Full Length Play


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Richard Aglow is a failure. A once-promising playwright, he finds himself a virtual shut-in with only rejection letters to amuse himself. Until today. He's started writing again! And as luck would have it, inspiration has hit on the very day his wife, Lela, an aspiring actress who married Richard despite his homosexuality, has met one of New York's leading producers. This is Richard's chance, a golden opportunity to get back in the game. Of course, he'll have to overlook the fact that the producer about to arrive is the man who wrote that last rejection, the one that broke Richard's spirit. The arrival of Lela's lover, his pregnant girlfriend and the ghost of one of the twentieth century's most notorious killers complicate matters further. THE AGONY & THE AGONY is the story of one evening when secrets are revealed, dreams are realized, and hopes are dashed. It captures the loneliness and real desperation of what it means to have "a life in the theater."
"THE AGONY & THE AGONY is proof, once and for all, that hard work, grit and determination almost compensate for a total lack of talent." —Jill Silver (the playwright's mother).


4m, 2f

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